Support the BC Community Bat Programs Fundraiser by Buying a Bat Shirt or Hoodie

The Community Bat Programs of BC invite you to embrace your connection to bats by... ➤

Become a citizen scientist with the BC Annual Bat Count

The BC Community Bat Program is calling for volunteers to get involved in the BC... ➤

White-nose Syndrome Bat Monitoring – Please Report Dead Bats

Last year, the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome (WNS) in bats was detected in Grand... ➤

New Survey:  Have Bats Used Your Exterior Window Shades and Power Awnings Over the Last 10 Years?

Bats are getting injured or even squished by roll up blinds and power awnings that... ➤

The Annual Bat Count Report for 2023 is Ready!

Thanks to the effort of hundreds of volunteers and partners throughout BC, the BC Community... ➤

Trick or…bat trivia? Celebrate bats during Halloween

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Comox becomes Vancouver Island’s First Certified Bat Friendly Community

The Town of Comox has officially been designated the first Bat Friendly Community on Vancouver... ➤

Bat Pups Learning to Fly

Are you noticing more bats around your house or property? You are not alone! Mid-summer... ➤

Bat Week 2022

Bat Week is Oct 24-31  As Halloween approaches, images of scary bats become commonplace.  This... ➤

Report dead bats and spring activity!

It is white-nose surveillance season… please help report dead bats and early spring bat activity... ➤