Got bats?

If you have bats in your house, barn, or property, please contact us. We need to learn more about bats in British Columbia, and if needed, we can help you safely and gently evict bats from your building and find them a new home.

Report your bats

Learn about Your Bats

There is very little known about bats in BC, including basic information of when bats leave to hibernate or migrate, when they return in the spring, and when they have their young. By monitoring your own bat roost site, you can collect valuable information to assist with the understanding of bat ecology and biology.

Counting bats as they leave the roost site at least once during the summer, we can learn about the population of your colony and if it is changing. By counting bats several times over the summer, we can find out when they arrive, when they depart, and when the young are able to fly.

To learn more about how to participate in long-term bat monitoring, please contact us.

For a summary of information about bats in buildings, please see other pages on this website our download our booklet: BC Community Bat Project: Frequently Asked Questions