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Peace Bat Conservation Project
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Peace Bat Conservation Project
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The Peace Bat Conservation Project was designed to help draw awareness to bat conservation in the Peace Region by providing information on bats and getting public assistance in locating existing bat colonies, while establishing monitoring for known bat populations.

What we do

Getting the Facts

  1. If you know of an existing bat colony, we’d love to hear from you! Just call the BC Bat Hotline 1-855-9BC-BATS (1-855-922-2287) and provide the following information: type of roost (building, tree, cave, etc.)
  2. detailed location information
  3. how long you’ve known about the colony
  4. estimated number of bats (rough estimate only, do not disturb roost to count bats)
  5. your name and contact information

Participate in the BC Bat Count

If you have a bat colony on your property and are interested in bats, you can help by participating in the BC Bat Count. We are always looking for volunteers to count bats. Just download the BC Bat Count Protocol and data sheet along with the DNA Sampling Protocol for Residents or call the BC Bat Hotline 1-855-9BC-BATS for more information.

Habitat Creation and Enhancement

We are also looking for participants for the creation and/or enhancement of bat habitat by volunteering to install and monitor a bat box for summer roosting. In 2014, the students of the North Peace Secondary School and Bert Bowes, along with the Charlie Lake Conservation Society, constructed 50 bat boxes which were distributed to interested residents after having them fill out an online survey to determine the best locations. All of our volunteers have signed a 5-year commitment letter for the monitoring of their bat box.

Take the online survey to help us find the best locations for the bat boxes. We’ll be building another 50 bat boxes next spring and will be posting another invitation for applicants so stay tuned and watch our facebook page for more information.

Living with Problem Bats

Residents having problems living with bats that would like some suggestions on humane evictions or additional information on making adjustments to maintain sanitary conditions can call the BC Bat Hotline 1-855-9BC-BATS to speak with a regional representative or check out some of the helpful documents from the Got Bats? drop down menu on our homepage.

Our Funders

Project sponsors include: Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Charlie Lake Conservation Society, Ducks Unlimited Canada, School District 60 – Peace River North, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Home Hardware and Windsor Plywood.

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