Don’t Squish Bats

Welcome to our community-driven initiative focused on the well-being of bats in our neighborhoods! We are seeking your valuable input through a simple questionnaire designed to understand the interaction between bats and the awnings of homes and businesses.

Over the last 10 years, have bats used the awnings or roll down blinds attached to your house or one of your buildings?

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Help us determine if these shading structures could be a potential death trap for bats.

BC Community Bat Program coordinators have been receiving reports of bats getting squished in power awnings and/or exterior window shades that are used in summer to provide shade.  Bats crawl up into the power awning box or casing to roost.  When the awning is either rolled up or rolled down, the bats are squished and killed.

Participate in the questionnaire below if you have had bats roosting on your power awnings or exterior window shades in the last 10 years.

With climate change, shading structures are becoming more popular in the warmer regions of BC and are being promoted as ways to keep buildings (i.e., homes/businesses/resorts) cooler to save energy (climate action).  

We are concerned that this is becoming a death trap for bats and would like to gather more information.   If this is indeed the case, then we will need to see how we can get the manufacturers to change their designs so that bats cannot climb inside to roost.

Have You Noticed Bats Around Your Awnings?

Bats often seek shelter in urban areas, and awnings can unintentionally become a spot for them to rest or even get into trouble. If you’ve noticed bats roosting, passing by, or unfortunately getting injured or squished by awnings, your observations are crucial for us.

Why Your Participation Matters:

Your insights will help us:

  • Identify potential risk areas for bats.
  • Develop solutions to make awnings safer for these essential creatures.
  • Enhance our local ecosystem by supporting bat populations.
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Contact Information

This information will not be shared. It is only collected in order to be able to contact you again, should we have any questions.


The address is collected so that we can pinpoint the locations in the province where bats and bat deaths are being observed.

Check those that apply:

Check those that apply:

For example, they accidentally got squished when rolling up the shade.

Please specify date and time, if possible.

Details of the structure providing shade

month and year

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Please use inches

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Can you attach a photo of the awning or roll up blind?
And photos of the bats if possible?