White-nose Syndrome (WNS) is a fatal bat disease that is spreading in western North America. We are requesting public help to monitor for spread of this disease into BC.

Please help by

  1. Reporting all dead bats Nov 1 – May 31. If there are no concerns about human or pet contact with the bat, we can
    submit bats for testing for WNS and the fungus responsible for the disease.

    To collect a dead bat:

  2. Monitoring your roost in spring. Because WNS may cause early emergence from hibernation, this can help us track
    disease spread.

    1.  Spring arrival – Please check your roost every two weeks in spring.
    2. Report any mortalities at the roost in spring. WNS causes bats to use up valuable fat stores and if they
      survive hibernation, they may perish in early spring. Once bats are back at your roost, monitor regularly for
      dead bats and report any carcasses.

Report dead bats and spring arrival dates here: https://bcbats.ca/got-bats/report-your-bats/