Bats need help! One way you can help is to become a Bat Ambassador. Bat Ambassadors are keen individuals who are trained by the BC Community Bat Program to:

  1. Promote bat conservation of our BC bat species.
  2. Correct misconceptions about bats and improve public perceptions of bats.
  3. Increase awareness of the BC Community Bat Program and regional community bat programs and the resources they have available.
  4. Collect valuable data on bats, including bat counts and white-nose syndrome surveillance.
  5. Deliver bat educational programs (e.g. park interpreters, biologists, and naturalists who are interested in science communication and education) with consistent goals and messaging.
  6. Promote Bat-Friendly Communities in BC.

Bat Ambassadors usually work with their regional Community Bat Program. Contact your regional coordinator to discuss becoming a Bat Ambassador for your town or area.

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