Since little is currently known about the optimum characteristics of bat boxes in BC, we encourage you to report on the success (or lack of success… these data are important too!) of your bat boxes. By registering your bat box and its success, you can be part of an ongoing project to identify the characteristics of successful bat boxes.

Remember, it is just as important to report bat boxes that were not successful in attracting bats as those that were. If you have a bat box, please let us know.

Please register your bat box by filling in the following form:

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Bat box location

The Annual BC Bat Count is an important province-wide bat monitoring effort. Volunteers across BC count bats emerging from known roosts 1-2 times between Jun 1 and 21 (before pups can fly) and 1-2 times between Jul 21 and Aug 15 (when pups are flying with their moms).

Participate in the BC Bat Count