The “Got Bats?” initiative is a network of community bat projects across BC, carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Environment. The goals of this network are to:

  1. Increase the number of known roost sites in human-made structures
  2. Encourage landowners to protect their bat roost sites or use bat-friendly exclusion methods and install bat-houses
  3. Promote the Annual Bat Count to monitor bat populations
  4. Enhance bat habitat by encouraging the installation and monitoring of bat-houses.

The success of identifying roost sites for species at risk and the enthusiasm of residents to report their bats, conserve their roost sites or consider sensitive methods for removing bats from their homes continues to drive the success of these projects. The activities in each region depend on the level of funding, community partners, and the priorities of the area. To find out how to be involved in your bat project, or to report bats in your buildings, see the “Contact Us” page.