Sunshine Coast

Contact us

Lower Sunshine Coast (Langdale to Egmont):

Michelle Evelyn
Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project
Phone: 604-989-1007

Upper Sunshine Coast (Powell River, Lund) and Texada Island:

Aimee Mitchell
Ph. 1-855-922-2287 ex. 23

We are a small group of biologists working to conserve the Sunshine Coast’s precious natural heritage for generations to come. Launched in 2006, the goal of our community-based project is to help conserve, restore and enhance wildlife habitat and take direct action to ensure the survival of species at risk. Our project includes applied conservation research, wildlife population assessment and monitoring, habitat enhancement, threat mitigation, public engagement and direct on-the-ground stewardship action.

Please contact us to obtain information about bats, report bat sightings and roosts, obtain a bat house or bat house building kit, or assist with monitoring bat populations.