Martin Kruus
Scout Island Nature Centre
1-855-922-2287 ext. 22

The Cariboo-Chilcotin and Central Coast joined in on the BC Community Bat Project in 2016. The main objectives are to:

• Provide a central source of information for property owners to find out about bats and how to co-exist with them. We share science-based information about bat eviction timing and techniques.

• Provide information about bat houses. 

• Identify where bat colonies exist in human-made structures and which species of bats are using them. 

• Encourage participation among people having bat roosts and colonies to join in on the annual BC Bat Count (download forms and instructions elsewhere on this website): 

     • Level 1: Bat Reporter – 2 counts over the summer (between June 1 and 21)

     • Level 2: Bat Tracker – 2 counts between June 1 – 21, 1 count between July 11 – Aug 5

     • Level 3: Bat Enthusiast – 2 counts between June 1 – 21 and 2 counts between July 11 – August 5


A 4-chambered nursery box installed at Scout Island Nature Centre on the pole that also houses osprey, tree swallow and duck nests.