Bats on the move!

Are you noticing more bats around your house or property? You are not alone! Mid-summer... ➤

Seeking bat roosts and bat counters!

Spring is here and bats are returning to summer roost sites. One of our more... ➤

Information bulletin on bats in BC, COVID-19, and WNS

The BC Community Bat Program aims to share current, accurate information about bats in BC,... ➤

BC BAT Action plan in response to the threat of white-nose syndrome

One of the key goals of the WNS Action Plan is to bring awareness to... ➤

Conservation of BC Bats and Facts About Coronavirus

Human health is intertwined with wildlife and environmental health.  Bat populations are declining and bat... ➤

Surveillance for WNS in BC continues

November 1 marks the start of the winter White-nose Syndrome Surveillance period. The Bc Community... ➤

The “Got Bats?” initiative

The “Got Bats?” initiative promotes conservation of bats on private land, provides a resource to... ➤