Southern Gulf Islands Community Bat Program

The Gulf Islands are home to unique coastal ecosystems that provide habitat for over 100 Species at Risk and other wildlife. A number of island conservation organizations are participating in the BC Community Bat Program. These projects can provide site visits to your property to identify bats, to answer questions about bats, and to advise on bat stewardship, including placement of bat houses. The bat programs also assist in dealing with bats in buildings, including bat-friendly evictions. Educational materials are available for students and for tradespeople who might encounter bats while working on roofs and similar structures. An annual bat count provides an excellent opportunity to volunteer for nature conservation.

Contact Information:

To contact any of the southern Gulf Islands regarding bats, please call Habitat Acquisition Trust @ 250 995 2428 or email 

Bat Matters 2020 Virtual Conference

Bat Matters 2020

September 28 - October 9

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