The Cariboo-Chilcotin and Central Coast joined in on the BC Community Bat Project in 2016. The main objectives are to:

• Provide a central source of information for property owners to find out about bats and how to co-exist with them. We share science-based information about bat eviction timing and techniques.

• Provide information about bat houses. 

• Identify where bat colonies exist in human-made structures and which species of bats are using them. 

• Encourage participation among people having bat roosts and colonies to join in on the annual BC Bat Count (download forms and instructions elsewhere on this website): 

     • Level 1: Bat Reporter - 2 counts over the summer (between June 1 and 21)

     • Level 2: Bat Tracker - 2 counts between June 1 – 21, 1 count between July 11 - Aug 5

     • Level 3: Bat Enthusiast – 2 counts between June 1 – 21 and 2 counts between July 11 – August 5


Bill Gilroy, Scout Island Nature Centre 1-855-922-2287 ext. 22

A 4-chambered nursery box installed at Scout Island Nature Centre on the pole that also houses osprey, tree swallow and duck nests.


Bat Matters 2020 Virtual Conference

Bat Matters 2020

September 28 - October 9

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