Where to Get a Bat House

If you are able to build a bat house, please see “Bat House Designs” for bat-house plans and instructions. However, in some parts of the Province, you may be able to purchase pre-made bat houses. If you are purchasing a commercially-made bat house online or from a hardware store, select a large size, multi-chamber house. Bat boxes should be at least 24”2 tall and 17” wide and have a landing strip of at least 4”. Rocket boxes should be at least 3’ tall and have at least 1’ of linear roost space (meaning that each of the four sides would be at least 3” wide). You can check out our recommendations here (insert link to bat house booklet)


Bill Penner in Edgewood: (250) 269-7246. These are Bat Conservation International design bat-houses. He builds both nursery boxes and rocket boxes. Both can be installed on a post and nursery boxes can be installed on an outbuilding.

Marlene Hebert in the Slocan Valley: (250) 355-2342 or marlinhebert@yahoo.ca. These are also Bat Conservation International design bat-houses.

Bob Walker in Invermere: (250) 342-3010 or vwalker@cyberlink.bc.ca.

Country Dawg in Glade: (250) 399-0026 or CountryDawg@shaw.ca. These are beautiful looking single chamber bat-houses. They should be installed on the side of a heated building and will not hold a large colony.

Larry Leonard in Lardeau: (250) 366-4412 or lardeaularry@lardeauvalley.com. These are economical rocket boxes with a unique design. We are not sure of the success of this style so please let us know if they are used!



Allan Brooks Nature Centre, Vernon 250-260-4227 www.abnc.ca/ For Bat Conservation International four-chamber boxes

The Okanagan Community Bat Program may be able to provide pre-made boxes. Contact okanagan@bcbats.ca

BEEPS Peachland:  250-767-2455 peachlandbats@gmail.com 


South Vancouver Island

Habitat Acquisition Trust: can provide more information on bat box plans and can provide you with a pre-made box if you are interested. HAT offers the rocket box and the 4-chambered maternity box. 250 995-2428 or bats@hat.bc.ca



Grant Hill in Quesnel: Search PAUSE TO FEATHER CREATIONS on Facebook and click on the SHOP tab. Or text (250) 255-8875 or granthillhome@outlook.com. Hand-made 5-chambered nursery boxes available.


Greater Vancouver 

South Coast Bat Conservation Society  https://scbats.org/  and on Facebook 

 Burke Mountain Naturalists https://www.burkemountainnaturalists.ca/

The Greater Vancouver/Sea-to-Sky Community Bat Program may be able to provide pre-made boxes. Contact vancouver@bcbats.ca


Download Bat Box Plans

Everything you need to know about making & placing a great bat box. Here you will find plans for a maternity box which is great for buildings or free standing with two poles and plans for a rocket box which is best installed with a post in an open area.

Download plans