Visit from biologists 1

“I was totally grossed out and frightened thinking that they [the bats] would start attacking… I remembered reading about the … Bat Project and decided to get in touch with them… They are amazing! They really made me feel quite comfortable and explained all the myths about bats.”

~ Shauna, Castlegar

In some regions of BC, biologists from your local Community Bat Project will visit properties with bats. If you report your bat colony, biologists can identify which bat species is present (including rare or threatened species), discuss issues that the bats are causing, assist you with ideas for maintaining your bat colony, reducing problems of smell and/or noise, or providing you with ideas for removing your bats in a sensitive way.

Here’s what happens during a typical bat visit. A biologist will set-up a convenient time to visit you. When we arrive, we will provide you with information, such as our recent newsletter, bat-house plans, or a bat-monitoring form. We will go into your bat roost (if possible), by climbing into your attic, barn or other structure. We will also find out more about how long the bats have been in your property, if they are causing you problems, and what your concerns are.

If the bats are causing problems, we will provide you with information to minimize issues, such as ensuring the bat roost site and your living quarters are sealed separately, how to remove guano safely, and how to reduce noise and smell. If you would like the bats out of your house, we will encourage you to first set-up a bat-house to provide a roost site, and then to seal up your roost at an appropriate time of year. We will assist you in finding a good location for your bat-house on your property.