Creating Bat-friendly Communities

We invite you to join us during this two-week virtual conference which will feature a variety of prerecorded video presentations and online discussions presented by specialists in the field of bat research, conservation, and stewardship in BC. You will learn the latest from the experts on

  • Building Bat-friendly Communities in BC
  • Examples from the Field – Peachland, Richmond, and Kelowna
  • Urban Bat Conservation and Integrating Research
  • Local Stewardship and Community Involvement in Bat Conservation
  • Living with Bats
  • Bats and Human Health
  • The Goldilocks Approach: Use of Bat Boxes in a Changing Landscape and Climate
  • How to Find Information on Important Bat Habitats

In addition to daily video presentations, there will be a moderated, interactive 90-minute online Webex discussion at the end of each week. For complete details, visit the conference web site Bat Matters 2020 Virtual Conference.

Bat Matters 2020 Presentations