Support the BC Community Bat Programs Fundraiser by Buying a Bat Shirt or Hoodie

Support the BC Community Bat Programs Fundraiser by Buying a Bat Shirt or Hoodie 1

The Community Bat Programs of BC invite you to embrace your connection to bats by wearing clothing that supports bat conservation. These unique clothing items have been created by BC artists passionate about bats. Fundraising efforts will go to the Community Bat Programs of BC to raise awareness about bats, help coordinate Annual Bat Counts, and monitor for White-nose Syndrome. 

“Bats usually have a bad reputation, but all 15 species of bats found in BC are important in our environment. They are considered wildlife and are protected under the BC Wildlife Act,” says Paula Rodriguez de la Vega, BC Community Bat Program coordinator.  

The fundraiser includes the sale of three clothing items. One is a t-shirt available in both youth and adult sizes. It has a bat echolocating and catching a moth. “Some bats eat half their weight in insects every night,” says artist Jamie Minnie from Vancouver, who designed the artwork.

Another shirt is long-sleeved and has a bat flying over a wetland with a catchy phrase BATS COUNT. “BC bats are major predators of night-flying insects. Many of these insects are pests affecting BC forests, crops, and people,“ says artist Megan Olson from Vernon. “This is a fun shirt that was developed as a result of the BC Annual Bat Count”. Bat counts are held at maternity colonies in the summer to monitor how bat populations are doing. Everyone is welcome to help.  

The last item is a hoodie with the anatomy of a Little Brown Myotis including a bat skull. “This important species is often found roosting in human-made structures. The Little Brown Myotis is Endangered in Canada due to white-nose syndrome and other factors,” says artist Aysha McConkey from Chilliwack. “This is my way of helping this amazing nocturnal wildlife species.”

Bats need our help.  Half of BC’s species are in trouble. The BC Community Bat Programs are helping monitor for white-nose syndrome, one of the big threats to bats.  Your support with this fundraiser will go towards continued monitoring efforts, outreach and education about the importance of bats, helping homeowners to co-exist with bats safely, and building Bat Friendly Communities.

This fundraiser has been made possible thanks to the support of The Grist Mill, Jan Veroti, dedicated artists, the BC Community Bat Programs fundraising committee, and EmoChoice Canada. Order your shirt before July 15th through the Old Grist Mill at Thank you for supporting the BC Community Bat Program! We are looking forward to seeing our swag in the community.