BC BAT Action plan in response to the threat of white-nose syndrome

BC BAT Action plan in response to the threat of white-nose syndrome 1

One of the key goals of the WNS Action Plan is to bring awareness to BC citizens and governments of the urgency and imminence of this disease, and the cascading ecological and economic ramifications that may follow if nothing is done to address this unprecedented wildlife crisis. While motivated by the threat of WNS, there are many other threats that bats face, and there are large knowledge gaps that constrain effective conservation of most species. Given the limited opportunity to directly treat WNS infected bats, it is likely that reducing other threats to bats, enhancing habitats, and filling knowledge gaps for future recovery efforts will play a large role in this province’s WNS strategy.

  • In total there are 84 actions listed in this Action Plan, 39 of which have been identified as high (Essential) priority. The main category with the largest number of actions (34) is “Capacity Building” which includes actions for promoting bat conservation.
  • Actions are listed as Level I, II, and III (with Level I being the highest priority) according to the weightings provided by members during the Chase meeting. Actions within each level are generally listed in no particular order, and are grouped according to topic.
BC BAT Action plan document