Bats on the move!

Bats on the move! 1

Are you noticing more bats around your house or property? You are not alone! Mid-summer is the time when landowners typically notice more bat activity, may have bats flying into their house, and occasionally find a bat on the ground or roosting in unusual locations. In most cases, these bats can be left alone. 

These surprise visitors are usually the young pups. “In July and August, pups are learning to fly, and their early efforts may land them in locations where they are more likely to come in contact with humans“, says Mandy Kellner, biologist and coordinator with the Got Bats? BC Community Bat Program.  The recent heat and smoke may also be causing bats to use unusual roost sites.

If you find a bat, alive or dead, never touch it with your bare hands. Bats in BC have very low levels of rabies infection, but any risk of transmission should not be treated lightly. Contact a doctor or veterinarian if a person or pet could have come into direct contact (bitten, scratched etc.) with a bat.

For information on safely moving a bat if necessary and to report bat sightings, landowners visit our homepage for advice, email , or call 1-855-9BC-BATS. The Program is also currently seeking reports of changes in bat behaviour or mortalities that may be due to the hot, dry summer.

Thanks for leaving bats in place when safe to do so!