Report dead bats and spring activity!

Report dead bats and spring activity! 1

It is white-nose surveillance season… please help report dead bats and early spring bat activity

The province’s bats are threatened by disease and researchers are asking the public for help.

White-nose syndrome (WNS), a fungal disease responsible for the death of millions of bats in eastern North America, but harmless to humans, continues to spread on the West Coast. The disease has been confirmed in bats just 100 kilometres south of the USA/B.C. border. 

The fungus attacks bats while they are hibernating and, much like mold on bread, appears on bats wings and faces.  Bats often wake up from their hibernation to clean the fungus off their skin.

Once awake, bats come out in search of water and insects to eat – both of which may be in short supply in winter and early spring. Waking up from hibernation uses up valuable energy and makes bats weak, and they often perish. Finding a dead bat can therefore indicate disease.

To monitor the spread of the disease, we need more eyes on the ground. Outdoor enthusiasts and home-owners with roosts on their property may be the first to find evidence of trouble. 

If you find a dead bat, report using the link on our homepage or at

If you have a colony on your property, please monitor every two weeks in spring. Report dates of bats returning to or at