2016 is the first year that the region spanning the Cariboo-Chilcotin and Central Coast is officially joining in on the BC Community Bat Project. The main objectives for getting involved is to:

• Provide a central source of information for property owners to find out about bats and how to co-exist with them .
• Provide information about bat houses.
• Identify where bat colonies exist in human-made structures and which species of bats are using them
• Encourage participation among people having bat roosts and colonies to join in on the annual BC Bat Count
(1. any time between June 1-21, with earlier in the period being the best; 2. (optional) June 21-Aug. 15).


Cathy Koot, RPBio
c/o UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest, Williams Lake 1-855-922-2287 ext. 22

A 4-chambered nursery box installed at Scout Island Nature Centre on the pole that also houses osprey, tree swallow and duck nests.