Where to Get a Bat House

If you are able to build a bat house, please see “Bat House Designs” for bat-house plans and instructions. However, in some parts of the Province, you may be able to purchase pre-made bat houses.


Bill Penner in Edgewood: (250) 269-7246. These are Bat Conservation International design bat-houses. He builds both nursery boxes and rocket boxes. Both can be installed on a post and nursery boxes can be installed on an outbuilding.

Marlene Hebert in the Slocan Valley: (250) 355-2342 or marlinhebert@yahoo.ca. These are also Bat Conservation International design bat-houses.

Bob Walker in Invermere: (250) 342-3010 or vwalker@cyberlink.bc.ca.

Country Dawg in Glade: (250) 399-0026 or CountryDawg@shaw.ca. These are beautiful looking single chamber bat-houses. They should be installed on the side of a heated building and will not hold a large colony.

Larry Leonard in Lardeau: (250) 366-4412 or lardeaularry@lardeauvalley.com. These are economical rocket boxes with a unique design. We are not sure of the success of this style so please let us know if they are used!


Allan Brooks Nature Centre, Vernon 250-260-4227 www.abnc.ca/ For Bat Conservation International four-chamber boxes

The Okanagan Community Bat Program may be able to provide pre-made boxes. Contact okanagan@bcbats.ca

South Vancouver Island

Habitat Acquisition Trust: can provide more information on bat box plans and can provide you with a pre-made box if you are interested. HAT offers the rocket box and the 4-chambered maternity box. 250 995-2428 or bats@hat.bc.ca


Grant Hill in Quesnel: Search PAUSE TO FEATHER CREATIONS on Facebook and click on the SHOP tab. Or text (250) 255-8875 or granthillhome@outlook.com. Hand-made 5-chambered nursery boxes available.